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Dr Win Wachsmann

Dr. Win is a speaker, educator, filmmaker, writer, dramatist, publisher and an all around good guy (his dog really thinks so).
He has been teaching seminars and courses about How to Start Your Own Business  and How to Be Your Own Boss for more than 20 years.
He has taught at Douglas College, Kwantlen College (now Kwantlen Polytechnic University) University of the Fraser Valley, as well as in a number of school districts in the Lower Mainland of BC.
He has inspired thousands to begin to DREAM again and examine their lives to see if being their own boss was important to them.
As a filmmaker, he has written and produced several short films and created and written a TV Pilot for the History Channel called Military Miracles.
He has written magazine articles for a wide range of local and international magazines.
His newspaper columns which ran in the Abbotsford News and were syndicated across British Columbia by Black Press, ended up lining the bottom of some of the finest birdcages in the province.
His writing can also be seen in a myriad of online magazines including examiner.com, Abbotsford Today and the Huffington Post.
Over the years, he has written, directed and acted in many dramas which entertained and inspired tens of thousands.
He has consulted successfully with individuals and businesses.
He has also started and run several successful businesses, so he can speak with authority on How to be Your Own Boss.
You won’t be disappointed with the breadth of his knowledge and experience.


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Dr Carrie Wachsmann